The system requires a lot of 3rd party programs as well as a whole bunch of python libraries. We have an installation script which you can run that will setup the entire thing for you but in order to run this script, the following packages have to be installed first.

For getting the source repository
PostgreSQL 8.2 or later (psql)
This is where we store our data
Python 2.5 or later (python)
The application is written in python
Java Runtime (tested with openjdk-6-jre)
The indexer (solr) is a Java application
Python virtualenv (python-virtualenv)
Necessary to create “virtual” installations of Python so that we can install packages without touching your system distribution. More details at the virtualenv PyPI page.
Apache Solr (installed by the installation script)
The search engine.

On Linux, you will also have to install the following dev packages python-dev, libpq-dev and libxslt-dev.

Some Python packages are also required, but they will be automatically installed by the installation script.